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Baseline information for website optimization

We were approached by our existing customer, the manufacturer of the chevrons and stripes from Izhevsk. Previously, the company has developed a multi-page website with product catalogue and a possibility of ordering finished products, and also manufacture a lot of chevrons to order.

The terms of reference for SEO professionals

First and foremost you need to obtain targeted traffic from the search engines in the direction of the b2b customer interested in wholesale buyers of its products: chevrons and stripes, embroidery and personalized products. The success rate at the initial stage for us was to get the first place in the issuance of Yandex and Google for the terms "wholesale patches" and "patches wholesale"

The process of promotion of a site in the top Yandex

The entire work is divided into several stages, each of which were key objectives, consistent implementation of which leads to the desired result - the first place in the results of search engines. In this case, it describes the important points, greatly influenced the result.

продвижение сайта в топ выдачи Яндекс

The competitiveness of the niche

It should be noted that the selected key queries pertain to commercial zapraszam according to search engines. However, the niche associated with the production of chevrons and embroidery is a highly competitive sites at the top of the SERPs don't spend on SEO so much of the budget, how to spend the company e.g. Finance or buildings. As a result to obtain the first places in the results was not required over-effort and long work with behavioral factors, reference profile and other factors.

Regional promotion

Target the region of advancement of the customer company - all Russia. Therefore, the regional character of the site was tied into the settings of it to Russia and the actual position of the site for key demands were made for the region Russia is Yandex and in Google. This means that the reached position of the first places in the search results for "Chevron wholesale" may differ for other regions and cities in case if there are strong competitors in the results. It is important to understand that the local regionality an advantage in the ranking is "local" sites and first place in the issuance of Yandex on request "stripe wholesale" in the region Russia, may be replaced on the position below for example, to Tver.

Website optimization and content

Main the keywords "chevrons wholesale", on which we took in the top so fast was in main header of the main page since the creation of the website. At the stage of development of the wholesale direction was put at the forefront, and the key "chevrons wholesale" became the title for the entire site.

It is important to note that at the time of launch of website optimization for search engines, the site is already published catalog. Each product was from one to ten images. All the goods were marked with the characteristics and description of the goods. The more pages the site has in the index (and all the goods of the site have a separate page and as a consequence hit the index), the more the site is likely faster to get to top such statistics.

продвижение сайта в топ выдачи Яндекс

A well designed website

Such a result is not possible it would be availableICI without prior quality of development: at the beginning of the promotion, the site already had done most of the technical requirements of search robots:

  • An SSL certificate installed (the website is opened through a secure connection via https)
  • Set up 301 redirect for a site with "www" to "www" with "http" to "https" and other settings eliminating the duplicate pages in the index Yandex and Google
  • On the website you can find and correctly set up the configuration file of the site is being crawled by search engines robots.txt
  • Prepared and already indexed file of the site map sitemap.xml
  • There is a 404 error page and configured it to appear when you query the incorrect website URL
  • In the code of the website was not critical errors html and css syntax
  • Site code neat and clean, without the use of inline-css and other piles
  • Image of the website has been optimized for size and overall speed of the website at a decent level
  • A "broken links"
  • The site structure transparent to the visitor and the search engine due to the breadcrumbs and navigation

In addition, an important factor can be considered preliminary work on the usability of the site on the stage of development in the future.

Regular update of website and speed of indexing

Also noteworthy is the fact that the customer regularly over a long period placed new products in the catalogue and new catalogue sections. Therefore, the search robot is already accustomed to frequent updates of content on the site and visited it quite frequently.

The more often you update and complement the website, the more often come to him for search engines.

This gives you extra advantage in SEO: all the changes we have made to the site, quickly read the robots of Google and quickly fall in the index.

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Brief summary:

  1. Bring the site in TOP 1 for a month - really!
  2. In order for the site so quickly went to the TOP, the site should be done well, without too many critical errors.
  3. In competitive niches the likelihood of a quick hit in the TOP-1 is much lower
  4. It is necessary to consider regionality in the evaluation of promotion
  5. The more pages in the index at the time of the start of the promotion (and only on the website), the easier it is to promote
  6. Regular updating and addition of content on the site speeds up indexing

You are probably thinking about how much time it will take specialists to output your site in the Top 1 by key words from your niche and how much it might cost. What result will you get a website stood in first place in the results, at least not for queries? Leave a request and we will prepare the answer to these questions in 24 hours.


Author: Александр, Руководитель компании Frutini

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