Promoting construction companies


Company activities: building houses

The company contacted us in June 2019, the goal is to increase conversion on the website. Niche in this region were quite competitive about 50 companies. These companies seriously enough and at a high level conducted the activity, their activity in the search engines was noticeable.

Initially, we conducted an audit of the site, identified its strengths and weaknesses. Then they defined the minimum period of promotion, for this niche is at least 6 months, regardless of the quality of the site and its internal content.

Work plan:

1. Technical work for the right indicatii site by search engines

2. Check the site for duplicates, broken links, etc.

3. The semantic core

4. The distribution of keywords on the page in accordance with its structure

5. Analysis of competitors

6. Website content SEO content

7. Work with internal and external links, etc.

In the process found many technical flaws that were fixed in the framework of a comprehensive SEO promotion. Also work was carried out with behavioral characteristics of the site, increased the number of pages under each item was a separate page, with the ability to comment on the product and assign a rating. Was added product tripper and many other works.

In the course of a comprehensive website promotion, we see that in June 2019 requests in the index of search engines, virtually no, in November 2019, the position of the site practical for all high-demand for this niche are in the Top 10.

Conducted a comprehensive site audit and developed a strategy for the withdrawal of high-frequency queries in the Top 3.

Results by March 2020 to the following:

1. The website came in the Top-10 for 75 queries, 60% from aboutbschego number of requests

2. The Top 3 is 18 high-frequency queries (15% of total)


Author: Эльвина, Проект-менеджер
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