"Perepechkin" service delivery purepecha in Izhevsk

Доставка перепечей в Ижевске

Activity of the company "Perepechkin" includes two main points:

  • Selling prepared food (in this case purepecha) at points in the city of Izhevsk;
  • Shipping perepechay at home.

Perepechi, a well - known dish of the Udmurt cuisine. However, companies specializing in the delivery perepech, in Izhevsk is no more. Our team have the task to advance to the TOP of the food delivery service. That is, by such requests, as “food delivery”, “food delivery Izhevsk”, “order takeaway”, etc. Niche is highly competitive. If you look at who is top of the Google and Yandex on request “food delivery” that's what we have:

  • First place in the results is the delivery of pizza, sushi, or food from restaurants Izhevsk
  • Also the Top services such as Yandex.Food and Delivery Club

Despite the fact that it seems to move to the TOP impossible, it is not so. The company has a huge advantage among the competitors on this query, delivery of sushi and rolls in Izhevsk much, and shipping purepecha - one that is likely to interest potential consumers.

What do we have?

  • Goal: promote the site on the main HF requests, such as
    • food delivery (5 225 impressions per month)
    • >food delivery Izhevsk (3 389 impressions per month)
  • Promoted region: Izhevsk


The company website looks stylish and appealing, however, one big minus - at the initial stage of the product pages have not been separated. Card products negligably, there was more information about the products.

We have divided the site into pages, added a separate Menu page. Was also added a field for comments under each item.

In addition, made other small improvements on the site: images on main page-added button “View menu” and “address” of a header H1, etc.

Optimized mobile version of the site. Previously available on mobile devices was very uncomfortable. Based on statistics Yandex.Metrics, the majority of site visitors coming from mobile devices. Accordingly, an urgent need to improve the mobile version.

SEO promotion

Search engine optimization service delivery purepecha consists of carriedhow many stages:

  • A preparatory stage.
    • Analysis of competitors that are already in the Top promoted. This is done in order to assess the overall situation, how difficult will it be to move to the TOP, and to see what innovations the websites are using competitors, and perhaps implement something similar on our website for more convenient use.
    • The site is in Yandex.Webmaster, Google SC, checked for errors. Also conducted a full site audit. After checking all of the identified bugs have been fixed.

    • Connected Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics to track statistics
    • The collecting semantics for distribution of keywords on site pages
    • Created the blog in Yandex.Zen

    • Main office and retail outlets added to Google Maps, Yandex.Maps and 2GIS
  • Search engine optimization
    • Written meta tags title, description, keywords, etc. pages, which they were not prescribed
    • Hosted SEO-texts on the Main pagethe preview page “Payment and shipping”, “Menu”. A great advantage of the website that it was originally a section of the blog. From the very beginning of promotion this section is updated regularly. In each article is added to 3-5 of the original photographs. Articles duplicated in Yandex.Zen.

    • Done relinking inside SEO text, and Yandex.Zen with the main website for the proper distribution of weights.
    • Posted kraud references and reviews in dictionaries


At the beginning of the site we promoted it in the first place in midrange request “perepechki” and lower frequencies “perepechi delivery”. Today, the number of queries that we are in the Top increased substantially.


At the moment the website is in the TOP 10 in the LF and MF requests. In Yandex on the 16 queries, in Google - by 11. Therefore, in the near future should start to pump vysokochastotnyi.


  • Submit site to directories for more usnavithe birth of the company and increase the reference mass
  • To increase the loading speed of the website
  • Small improvements on the site
  • Writing articles on other websites (eternal links)
  • To increase the share crowd on the Main page

Further, all standard plan: a regularly updated blog, linking, posting reviews, etc.


In January 2020, two months after the beginning of SEO, there are impressive results.

  • Website traffic has increased significantly, which can be seen on the chart. The data in Yandex.Metric in comparison with the previous month


The data in Google Analytics:

  • The number of transitions from search engines also increased:

We plan to continue to increase traffic from search engines with content optimization, especially for men.

  • Quantitythe EU ETS unique visitors also increased. As we see in the beginning of the month, the number of visitors and unique visitors is barely approaching the level 20. In mid-December there was a rise and then a decline again, and by the end of the period graph began to rise again. The number of visitors exceeded 100, the number of unique - approximately 70 to 90 people a day.

At Google, we see the following situation in the last month:

Thus, the site of food delivery service “Perepechkin” attended by approximately 100 people per day, of which approximately 70-90 - unique visitors. Up to 12 people daily and place orders.


Thus, we see that for the last month indicators of website service delivery Perepechkin all the parameters have increased. Increased as the position of the site, and the overall performance Metrics and Analytics. However, there is still room to grow. Now you need to move to high-demand and to increase the share of search traffic that is being planned in the coming months.

Author: Татьяна, SEO-специалист
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