Internet-shop of doors and floor coverings "Russian Style"

Продвижение интернет-магазина дверей и напольных покрытий

The company "Russian Style" is an online shop of doors and floor coverings. The store itself has two physical address in Izhevsk.

The beginning of the promotion

The client came to us in December last year. At that time we had:

  • Website old, with a bad history. The customer was afraid that the services of the SEO company previous site got under the filter;
  • The old website was absolutely user-friendly. Going to the main page, the user saw only the undivided category of products and SEO text

Old version:

Старый сайт компании Русский Стиль

In fact, it was not so scary.

The site really had to modify for better usability. Now the site looks like this:

Сайт компании Русский Стиль

Продвижение интернет-магазина Русский Стиль

The user, by accessing the website, see the button “Watch” directory, which sends it to the necessary goods.


Feature website promotion company Russian Style pt that for filling the online store goods used non-unique content. Parsing is carried out from the website of the provider. Spars were:

  • Name
  • The cost
  • The information about the product (brand, tone, thickness, length, etc.)

Парсер интернет-магазина

  • The pictures on the cards goods

Парсинг интернет-магазина

Thus, despite the fact that the content is not unique, take the website to the TOP becomes possible.


Promotion in TOP on request “parquet Izhevsk”

  • The first stage, we conducted analysis of competitors in Google and Yandex for this request.

Анализ конкурентов при продвижении в Google

Анализ конкурентов при продвижении в Яндекс

As we see, the competitors are quite serious: the online stores selling flooring is not only in Izhevsk, but all over Russia.

  • After analysis of competitors, has begun work on a comprehensive SEO:
    • le="font-weight: 400;">unique Written texts. The texts are diluted with tables, lists, which is also good for SEO
    • Added the original photo; the photo was taken personally by us.
    • Published details on the website “store locator”
    • Submitting your site to directories
    • Reputation management: the guides posted reviews by real people

Управление репутацией интернет-магазина

    • Posted kraud links
    • Removed duplicate pages


Thus, for 40 days in the Yandex website of the company “Russian Style” climbed into the TOP-10 at the high-frequency request “parquet Izhevsk” (on 3.02.20 the request rate is showing 794 per month in the region of the Udmurt Republic) and mid-frequency request “buy the floor” (the request rate is 159 impressions per month).

Positions in Yandex:

Позиции в Яндексе при продвижении интернет-магазина

Google the website up in the TOP 10 on request “parquet Izhevsk” and today occupies 10th place:

online store" width="384" height="41" />

40 days website, having for the most part unoriginal content that has risen to the TOP via the high-frequency request. This is a good result, but despite this, there is still work to be done. In the future we plan to further improve the usability of the site and raise positions on other important queries.

Author: Татьяна, SEO-специалист
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