The project

Promotion of a franchise bakeries

Продвижение франшизы пекарен

The goal of the project

The client's business - a network of public power, and the task of experts FRUTINI was integrated promotion of franchises in Russia and other countries. In this case we consider only work on SEO.

Project features

Highly competitive niche

The features of the project include the high competitiveness of the market franchises. At the time of start of the work in this project was already quite a lot of networking on Russia by the franchising system in search of new partners.

The geography of progress: goal in the regions

Important point is also that the network was not the problem of obtaining the first places in the results in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Increasingly, the goal was reduced to a significant coverage of Russian regions and first of all cities had the market capacity to open new outlets in the franchise network. This has significantly influenced the promotion strategy and pushed our specialists to work on getting traffic from the regions.

Work done on the promotion

Over a sufficiently long period of time on the project was done a range of work, from building a system of subdomains of the site under the city, which turned out to be more than 100 pieces, work on a reference profile of the sites, preparation and writing of a series of articles in the blog site and those articles in the top to fit needs. The active work in the blog gave a definite advantage in the results compared to your competitors. In the figure we can see that the snippet has been expanded through the images, the search engine decided that enough informatyczny blog and brought it into the results.

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The results of optimization of website for search engines

The project works are conducted already more than two in a half years and during that time traffic on the website increases: from 10 to 40% the previous month.

Продвижение франшизы в топ Яндекс и Google



Author: Александр, Руководитель компании Frutini

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