SEO specialist: who is he?

SEO-специалист: кто он такой?

SEO specialist: who is he?

If you don't have a high ranking on your web site, you may have to enhance search engine optimization (SEO). Low attendance? No problem. SEO specialist can help.

Specialist in search engine optimization (SEO) improves the ranking of sites in major search engines like Google or Yandex. Specialist ensures the optimization on the page for the relevant search results and a positive user experience, growing traffic to the site, the volume of potential customers and brand recognition.

Work SEO specialist: what is it?

The main work of SEO specialist, ultimately, is to create more sales for the company. Using intelligent tactics on the page tag, keywords, internal links, clean URLS, etc. - SEO specialist able to improve the visibility of website in search engines, which ultimately leads to higher traffic and increased sales.

Other responsibilities include implementing and maintaining title and meta tags, redirect URLS and error; analysis of Internet presence of competitors; monitoring Google webmaster tools Yandex Webmaster and similar instruments; identifying opportunities to create links; and negotiating contracts with agencies and suppliers.

SEO optimization: to whom it might be useful?

SEO optimization is an integral part of search engine marketing (SEM). Knowledge of SEM is really needed for SEO specialists, but also useful for everyone, from marketers to freelance writers.

Seo promotion: specialist must be able to communicate with customers

Communication skills are everything. If a client hires you to develop your site, you should be able to formulate the best course of action and explain why it is better for him and than he will help to ensure a competent SEO promotion. SEO specialist, therefore, must be able to diplomatically convince the client of the correctness of their positions.

"They need to understand what you are doing, so they can possess them and be sure that you take wise decisions for their company," suggests Chris Horton, chief consultant Dr. Rankwell SEO consulting company in LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia.

Training SEO: the most important thing to know

Learning SEO is a continuous process. It can take a long time to understand what gives the best effect when promoting a website.

It is important to know the difference between changes that can severely damage the promotion of the site, and changes that can move forward and forecasting the trends and how they will affect future traffic.

Of course you need to know Google Analytics (or other web Analytics) and SEO tools such as SEMrush and Moz. There are also many other resources that will help you to track the position of your site and move it to the top.

Thus, we answered the question of who is a SEO specialist and what he does. To order services on SEO optimization on our website under SEO.

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