SEO with video marketing

SEO с помощью видеомаркетинга

Companies that are looking for a good way to attract consumers and new customers, should definitely consider using video marketing. Why video? Consider these facts:

  • YouTube is today one of the most popular social networks, has more than 1 billion people.
  • 45% of Internet users watch videos weekly on YouTube and Facebook more than an hour.

The presence of video content allows, in particular, to make SEO more effective.

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SEO-website promotion: why the popularity of video content?

Users do not watch videos for entertainment only. Watching videos is also a good way to get information about a new product or service, so 87% of the experts in online marketing using video content. Experts in Internet marketing have discovered that, when the word "live" is placed in the subject line of emails, the opening ratio is increased by 19%, and the rate of referrals by 65%. SEO-promotion of the website becomes more effective when using video.

The video will help to accelerate search engine optimization

In addition, the video content is extremely popular, the use of videos can also help companies to accelerate search engine optimization. Adding video to web page allows you to increase the PRorganic traffic from search results pages (SERP) by as much as 157%. In addition to increasing organic traffic, video also helps to reduce the bounce rate and increases the probability of obtaining backlinks.

To create high quality SEO video experts in Internet marketing should consider the following:

  • To publish a video is worth more than one web page
  • It is important to provide context for the video, wrapping it useful written content and eye-catching visual graphics
  • The video should be informative for consumers, answering questions about a product, service or brand
  • Is to publish high quality videos on a regular basis
  • You must include detailed information such as the title tag, the description and use of key words and the duration of the video.

Another thing you need to remember about video is that consumers love to share them. Using all the above, videos can reach an exponential number of customers, including new customers.

Effective website promotion: how to add video to a web page

Another important consideration when using video for marketing purposes - how to include videos in web design. Before adding video to a web page, it is important to answer the following questions:

  • Video should be in the foreground or in the background?
  • Video should play automatically?
  • Video must be fullscreen?

The answers to these questions largely depend on the purpose of the video and the audience. One thing is certain: the better video included in the site design, the more effective web site promotion is possible.

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