Increase the visibility of your website for search engines

Повышение видимости сайта для поисковых систем

This guide shows you how to use the function, SEO-targeting and other tools to improve the accessibility of your site for search engines.

Use the search tools to support updates

Search engines don't immediately notice the changes on your website. Google and Bing offer search tools that will help you to manage search presence on your website. Whenever you make major changes to your website, you can request that the search engine has re-indexed your content using the following services:

- Google Search Console

- Bing Webmaster Tools

Customize the titles of pages and sites

Search engines generally give priority to the host headers, the page titles, headers, blogs and headlines. These headers also appear on browser tabs and in search results, so it is important to write them so that they were convenient both for people and for search engines.

You can set header format the default home page collections (e.g., "Blog", "Gallery", "Album", "Products" and "event Pages") and item collections (for example, blog posts and events). You can manually enter text or use the default variables. The use of the header format by default, instead of setting them for each post allows you to keep consistent formatting for all the content.

Differentiate between SEO titles and headings navigation

pan style="font-weight: 400;">Each page on your website has the SEO header, title, navigation and page title. You can edit these titles in the settings page.

The headers of SEO - they appear in search results and on the browser tabs and indexed by search engines. We recommend you to add the SEO title for each page. The headers of SEO - good choice for promotion keywords for search engines. You can also add SEO title for the individual items in the collection such as blog posts, products and events.

Headers navigation - They create links in your navigation menu. Best of all, they were short, such as "About us" or "Contact".

Page titles - they appear on your site in some templates. Because on the page, more space than in your navigation menu, they can be longer than the header navigation such as "About our company" or "Contact us". If the SEO title is missing, title is displayed in search results.

Add keywords correctly

When you will put the text on your site, add words and phrases that the relevant search queries that people use to find websites like yours. These keywords help search engines to consider your site as relevant to people who are searching for these search queries. How to correctly add keywords in text, how to find them, you can read in this article.

Your strategy of keywords will depend on your site and visitors you are trying to attract, and it is important to add keys words are clear, the natural way that is understandable to people.

Structure your content with headings

Use formatting of the title text for the organization pages.Search engines usually give the header a higher priority. Clear headings that describe the content,facilitate search engines identifying key points of your website. At the same time they help visitors to view your page and find information quickly.

As a rule, you should use headings in descending order to guide visitors from the widest to the most specific information.


-Make sure you use the size of the header sequentially on the page and throughout the site.

-If possible, avoid the use of headings to create formatting effects such as quotation marks.

-Do not use the same text for several headings.

-Optimize your headlines with keywords.

-While the headers are structured and agreed upon, you can use the same header multiple times on the page. See the screenshot below for an example.

How you organize your website depends on your content, here is an example of a well-structured page:

Add alternative text to images

Alternative text is text associated with the image. This text appears when people hover the cursor on it, and makes your website more accessible.

Search engines use the alternative text to identify the contentTrinity because bots can only read text. Adding alternative text to images allows search engines to understand what the image is, and include it in relevant searches.

Adding alternative text is better to use short human-readable terms that describe the image and relate to the total content of your website.

Add tags and categories

Search engines crawl the tags and category to determine what products, blog posts or galleries have images. Adding tags and categories that accurately describe the item that can help it to appear in search results.

Start blogging

Blogs often help the search engines to see your site active. Even if you are a business, not a blogger, add a blog page and its regular update of relevant content can benefit your SEO when creating a brand.

When you add blog posts use the tags and categories and organize your posts with formatting of headings 1 and 2. Squarespace automatically generates the titles of the blog in most templates.

When you write blog posts, think about your target audience and what they may be seeking to find a site like yours. Add the content they like, and optimize posts with keywords, especially in titles and headings of posts. On how to properly write SEO article, you can read the link.

Reduce page load time

The page load time may affect its ranking in search results. We Rcomandoes to reduce the size of your page for faster loading.

Specify your location

If you are working with physical location, the placement of your address on your website can help visitors to find your services based on your location. There are many places where you can add your location:

-Units cards

Settings business information

-Text boxes on the contact page

-Text blocks in the footer

Check in Google "My business" can also help in ranking of your local search. Visit their FAQ to learn more.

Add site and page description

You can add SEO descriptions for your website, individual pages and specific elements of the collection. These descriptions may appear under the heading / link in the search results, depending on search conditions.

Visitors read these descriptions to decide whether they want to click on your result. To make your website attractive, we recommend that your description was concise, relevant and readable.

Make sure that SSL is enabled

When SSL is enabled, the URL starts with https. This means that visitors have access to every page of your site via a secure connection. Search engines think SSL is important and can penalize sites that it is not included.

If you are not sure whether to enable SSL for your website, check the SSL bar, and verify that it is set to Safe.


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