Confirmation of your site by using Search Console

Подтверждение вашего сайта с помощью Google Search Console

Console Google search (formerly Tools for webmasters Google) is a free service that helps you to manage the presence of your website in Google search results. Through the console of Google search, you can request Google to index your site, which means your changes can appear in the search results before.

After connecting the Google Search Console you can check Google Analytics to see what keywords visitors use to find your site.

Before you start

-Delete your obsesity password or password page on its home page, if enabled. Passwords do not allow Google to index your content.

-If you have a third-party domain, make sure it is connected properly. For best results, we recommend to wait 72 hours after connection to the domain before you verify it via the console of Google search.

Check by using the Google search won't work on the test sites as test sites hidden from search engines. If your site is in trial version, publish it before you can continue.

-To register in the console, the search requires a Google account.


Connect to your Google account Search Console

Follow these steps to verify your site using the Google search:

-In the main menu, click Settings.

-Click Connected accounts.

-Click Connect account.

-Hit the Console of the Google search.

"font-weight: 400;">-Sign in to your Google account, which you want to connect to your site. If you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you picked the right one.

-Click Allow.

-You can also connect via the search bar Google keyword.


Google Search Console checks your domains

Custom domains must be active and correctly connected.

If you switch the main domain and add your own domain after you connect with the built-in domain, re-attach your website to the console of the Google search.

Depending on the secure SSL settings, Google Search Console check version http: // and https: // and add the major version in Google webmaster tools Console search, Google may use this information for the purpose of search traffic to your primary domain.


View popular keywords

After connecting to the console of the Google search you can view your keywords in keywords panel Google search. For the analysis of keywords can take up to 72 hours.

To view additional Analytics you can log into your Google account the Search Console page


Index your website (optional)

One of the main uses of the Console of the Google search query is indexali Google your site. The Google robots scan your website and help Google to update the search results with your new content.

There are several ways to request Google to index your site and its content. We have outlined two options below.

Your website may not appear in search results immediately after your request. Google needs time to process the request, and then to crawl and index the page. Google uses a sophisticated algorithm updates the information on the website, so we cannot guarantee that Google will index all your changes.

To read the article about the basic rules of promoting your site here.



1.You can use a tool to check URL to see whether it is possible to index the page and when Google last scanned it.

2.If the steps below do not match what you see on the toolbar, you probably are on the old console toolbar, Google search.

3.Click to Use the new console searches in the upper part of the toolbar to switch to the new version.

4.Before you query the index, check their website if you haven't already.


How to index a website completely, sending the site map

Sending a website map, you give the console a search public URL pages and image metadata.

On the console toolbar Google search, select the site you want to index, in the property menu at the topm left corner.

Click Sitemaps.

Under Add a new site map enter sitemap.xml.

Click Send to request Google to index your website.


Index certain pages tool to check URL

Tool checks URLS you can send URLS of individual pages in the console search. Use this method if you only have a few pages on your website, or if you've added to your website, new pages that Google has not yet indexed.

1.On the console toolbar Google search, select the site you want to index, in the property menu in the upper left corner.

2.Click on the test URL.

3.Enter the full URL of the page that was not indexed, and press Enter or Return.

4.Click Query indexing.

5.Repeat for any additional pages URL.

To learn more about how tags and categories of your blog appear in a search here.


Warnings and errors

When you verify your website with Google Search Console, you will see a message stating that part of your URL restricted file robots.txt. This is perfectly normal. We ask Google not to scan these pages because they are only for internal useI, or display duplicate content that could be considered with SEO of the website.

Author: Эльвина, Проект-менеджер

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