Google AdWords and SEO

Google AdWords и SEO

Google AdWords affect SEOand Vice versa. SEO affects your ranking and visibility in search engine keywords, as well as the performance of AdWords. When promoting a website, you must remember this.

Search results Google

When you use a search engine to search for a key term or phrase, Google uses its own algorithms to get the best results. Results search results are displayed on the search results page (SERP abbreviated). The search engine displays the top results in most relevant order. Read about how to improve the visibility of your website for search engines can be here.

Advertising Google AdWords: setting up

Google AdWords assumes that the payment you enter keywords, ad title, ad text, and destination URL. When the ad is approved, you set the keyword bids. This amount represents the dollar amount that you are willing to pay when someone clicks on this ad. For this keyword fighting several people. When participants in the auctions a lot, Google takes the position from one to six, depending on your maximum bid.

How SEO affects Google AdWords? When an ad is created and approved by the AdWords system, you want the destination page. This is a web page that will take you tothen click on the ad. This page should contain a specific message and to match the advertising. If your ad is on, for example, furniture, and uses a keyword associated with the furniture (e.g. armchairs, sofas, etc.), someone clicking on your ad, expecting to see something about the furniture.

If the user, by clicking on the link, you will see something that does not match the ad, he gets angry. Angry users don't want to waste your time wasting and cease to click on the ads contextual advertising. If people stop clicking on ads like Google will receive a payment for search ads? He plans to donate all of their time and resources free of charge, and he has a system. SEO relevancy of your page plays an important role in the campaign, because the effect on the cost of each of your bets.

SEO promotion and contextual advertising: the relationship

How are SEO promotion and contextual advertising? It's simple. Page, which is the ultimate goal of ads should have a high ranking SEO. If your landing page is parsed, but was not relevant based on the ad, Google will add an additional rate for keywords. To the rate is added fine, which makes every click more. Subject to the penalty is much more difficult to take a seat in the first three positions. This is a great way to prevent spam. Thus, the lower the SEO rating for the page, the higher the penalty.

Setup Google AdWords and SEO

Setup Google Adwords suggests that you first need to think about is that you are going to do and understand what will click. You should find keywords Google AdWords is that the user enters in the search, when looking for the solution you are advertising. Determine make sure that these phrases to fit your page. It's hard, but cost containment, high quality image and the best print quality in the end is worth it.

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