As tags and category of your blog appear in the search

Как теги и категории блога появляются в поиске

Each tag and category that you add to the blog page automatically creates a page in the filtered results. Links to these filtered pages can appear in search results. To learn about how to optimize site content, you can here.

The filtered page URL

When you click the link to the tag or category on your site, display the filtered page has a static URL, for example:

This URL appears on the map of your site and may appear in search results, depending on what you're looking for visitors.

You can hide a static URL from search and your site map.

Currently, only pages of blog have a static URL. The rest of the collection, and blog pages in the older templates have dynamic URLS.

Old links can have a dynamic URL

In the past filtered blog pages had dynamic URLS, example:

Dynamic URLS are less likely to have a high rateing in the search results.

If in the past you have referred to the dynamic URLS, the links will continue to work. The filtered results page, coincides with a static URL. The only thing visitors see, is the URL in the browser toolbar.

If you refer to the filter tags or categories on your site or another platform, we recommend you to use a static URL. This version is easier to understand for visitors and links to it can have a small positive impact on SEO.

Hidden static URL

To hide a static URL in the filtered pages from search engines and delete from the site map:

-Open the settings page for this blog page.

-Click on the SEO tab.

-Use the "Hide from search engines" to select settings. To hide the landing page of the blog and blog posts from search engines, select All the pages in this collection.

-Default tags and categories visible.

Are filtered duplicate pages?

Although search engines sometimes say duplicate content that looks malicious, or misleading, for example, identical pages on different domains, filtered views of the tags and categories are a common feature on the Internet and not regarded as suspicious.

The filtered page is displayed in the template.

Filteredtion results page for each tag or blog category takes the same style as the landing page of the blog. On the filtered page displays the number of messages that you have selected in the settings page of the blog.


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