How to promote the site in Yandex?


In Russia the most popular search engine is Yandex. Therefore, SEO specialists focused more on how to promote the site in Yandex than in Google. However, there are some nuances.

How to increase the visibility of your site in Yandex with the help of quality content?

Yandex loves the content: quality content is much more important for Yandex than for Google. Accordingly, in order to increase the visibility of the site in Yandex, you need to create content of high quality.

It is important to understand that if your host site is very strong in Google, its credibility will not help to improve ranking in Yandex. Yandex will evaluate the website as a separate entity, to assess the quality of its content.

Producing good content is costly and time consuming, and every website owner will eventually notice that the Russian Internet is copy the content. This can be very problematic, especially for newly launched sites because sites with unoriginal content can start to be ranked higher than the original. To avoid these unpleasant situations, it is highly recommended to send all the content using the tool "Unique texts" in Yandex.The webmaster before publishing it on the Internet.

To a rating in Yandex was higher, the page must contain a significant amount of text. Pages with thin content (for example, product pages with very short descriptions, lists of products or references, etc.) are likely to be excluded from the search index. However, it is not necessary to dwell on it. You need to remember that Google is very tightly relates to poor quality content, somu when you run the website to better focus on content quality and not on quantity.

To increase the ranking of a site in Yandex with tags

ALT tags should be filled in for all images. Despite the fact that the contents of the ALT tag has no significant effect on the ranking, it helps to rank images in Google's image search that can help to increase the ranking of the site in Yandex.

Meta tags are an important part of the optimization to two main search engines, but the practice is slightly different, and knowing them will help you write meta tags, effective for Yandex and Google.

Yandex takes into account the following meta tags:

1. The tag in the header. You want the tag in the title was for all pages unique, and it is also important to include key words. Yandex allow longer headers than Google, up to 70 characters, but it is better to form the title tag under 60 characters so that it looks good in both search engines.

2. The meta tag Description. Description (Description) usually contains key words written into the text on the page. Keep in mind that Yandex more than Google, neglects the content of the meta Description tag in the SERP snippets and often displays a portion of the copy of the page, which seems more relevant to the search query. The recommended length of the meta description - 150-160 characters.

3. Meta keywords: meta keywords still have some value for Yandex, though small. It is recommended to fill in the meta tag Keywords 4-5 keywords that are most relevant for the page.</span>

4. The canonical tag. Yandex supports the canonical tag, however, is a little different than Google. First, the cross-domain canonicalization is not supported. Second, the usual practice of adding a canonical tag to each page of the website, may lead to problems with indexing site in Yandex.

What also should be considered in order to ensure quality promotion of sites in Yandex

The URL structure. Best practices in URL structure for Yandex differ little from methods for Google: you want the URL to be unique for each page, preferably static and contain keywords. Long complicated URLS indexed.

Yandex is very well versed in the search, and regardless of whether you entered a search query in Cyrillic or transliterated, the search engine will understand that he gives the same answers for both spellings. It is also very important to know in order to provide quality website promotion in Yandex.

Aspects of usability. In 2011 Yandex takes into account usability when ranking sites. That for them means ease of use, of course, it is not clear 100%, but some of the known metrics:

  • CTR from the SERPs
  • Bounce back to the search engine
  • The time spent on the website.

For commercial sites the following factors as a wide range of products, competitive prices, clearly visible contact information and a convenient search of goods, also play a role and can positively influence their rating.

="font-weight: 400;">domain Age is very important for Yandex. Some SEOs even believe that Yandex uses so-called filter "sandbox" to all websites under one year old that does not allow these sites to take too high places. True or not, only the search command Yandex can say, but the fact is that the newly launched website have difficulties to rank high in competitive terms. It is in any case should not upset you - work with keywords and creating high quality content can pay off already at a very early stage. As in Google, to rank for highly competitive terms will take time, but of course, this can be achieved with the help of competent SEO strategy.

Thus, this article has covered all aspects of the competent promotion of the site through Yandex. The answer to the question of how to promote the site in Yandex, was obtained. Also integrated SEO promotion of your website, you can order on our website under SEO.

Author: Александр, Руководитель компании Frutini
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