How to write a SEO article

Как написать СЕО статью

Search SEO optimization is a technique used in web publishing to increase the visibility of web pages and traffic for higher search engine rankings and increase the number of readers. Writing SEO articles requires good writing skills to make the article interesting and readable. Strategic placement of key phrases and key words in the text and the inclusion of hyperlinks will increase reader traffic your page (more on this can be read here). Read the following steps to learn how to write a SEO article with search engine optimization.

Step 1. Describe your article.

- Articles should be well written, attractive and informative. They should provide a new perspective on a particular topic. A good introduction and useful information will make people continue reading. Your article should be useful, interesting or useful.

- Well written article with good content will attract more traffic, which means that many readers will visit your website. This makes your article more attractive to link marketers (people that link their sites to yours) and increases the likelihood that advertisers will want to use your page for their advertisements.

- Google search engine attaches great importance to the headlines of articles and blogs. That is why it is so important that a key phrase is present in the header as an important part of effective SEO content.

Step 2. Make a list key phrases and keywords for your article.

- For readers and Google ranking will be very helpful if the article will be divided into subheadings, because readers need,so they can easily read the article. As an important reminder, most people who browse the sites,read the information on them quite fluently.

- Key words and key phrases are words or phrases that people will use to search for information on the topic you intend to write. For example, keywords for an article on moving could be "packing and moving" or "loading a truck," while keywords could be "moving","moving", etc. On how to properly add keywords for SEO articles can be read here.

- Key phrases and key words are recorded "spiders", which are scripts that search engines send to every page on the Internet. Spiders "crawl" through web pages and websites and analyze them for content and quality content. One way to do this is to register determine the keywords and key phrases to determine the topic of a page; but they also determine the frequency of use of each keyword or phrase, grammatically correct page, and the types of incoming and outgoing hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are links to other pages relevant to your topic.

Step 3. Write an article.

- Make sure it is written grammatically correct, without spelling errors.

- Give your article title.

- Break it into short paragraphs with subheadings.

- Use your most important keywords and key phrases as close to the beginning of the article, preferably in the first sentence in the first paragraph.

- Do not overuse keywords.Organic alternate them throughout the text. The recommended keyword density is 1-3%.

- Include your most important keywords and key phrases in headings and subheadings.

- If it makes sense in the text, highlight key words and key phrases in bold or italics.

- If the content is too many keywords, Google's search engine will assume that the key words filled in.

- If the title includes the keyword phrase in the first sentence of the article should also be keyword. To eliminate redundancy, why not start your article with a question. Since the key word already inserted in the offer, all you need to do is select it. This will underline the keyword and will have a huge impact on Google's algorithm when scanning the article.

As in the first sentence, the keyword must also be present in the last sentence, to emphasize a key word.

Step 4. Include hyperlinks in the article.

Hyperlinks are links to another web page that is relevant to your topic. You can highlight a word or phrase and add the web address to which you want to refer to. Make sure that each link is a quality web site that offers sound information and easy navigationation.

Step 5. Create links to your article.

Even if you have written a great article, you have to tell the world about it. Just share a link to my new article in Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr and invite your friends to share it.

- The transformation of key words into a clickable link allows a Google search to highlight keywords and more.Better to do it at the beginning and at the end of the article, which are mostly located key words.

On the impact of internal and external links for search engine optimization, you can read the article "SEO: 6 of the rules of promoting your website"

Step 6. Make your content easy to share.

Your content will receive higher rankings if Google will see that it is placed on other sites. You can share them, as at the step "Creating links to your SEO article", and it's a great way to start, but if other people will be easier to share, it can make you even more popular!

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