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How to promote the site in Yandex?

29 ноя 2019, 16:01

Автор: Александр, Руководитель компании Frutini

In Russia the most popular search engine is Yandex. Therefore, SEO specialists focused more on how to promote the site in Yandex than in Google. However, there are some nuances. How to increase the vi...

SEO specialist: who is he?

18 ноя 2019, 14:17

Автор: Татьяна, SEO-специалист

SEO specialist: who is he? If you don't have a high ranking on your web site, you may have to enhance search engine optimization (SEO). Low attendance? No problem. SEO specialist can help. Specialist ...

SEO with video marketing

30 окт 2019, 16:24

Автор: Лидия, Проект-менеджер

Companies that are looking for a good way to attract consumers and new customers, should definitely consider using video marketing. Why video? Consider these facts: YouTube is today one of the most p...

Google AdWords and SEO

30 окт 2019, 16:18

Автор: Александр, Руководитель компании Frutini

Google AdWords affect SEOand Vice versa. SEO affects your ranking and visibility in search engine keywords, as well as the performance of AdWords. When promoting a website, you must remember this. Sea...

How to write a SEO article

11 окт 2019, 14:26

Автор: Эльвина, Проект-менеджер

Search SEO optimization is a technique used in web publishing to increase the visibility of web pages and traffic for higher search engine rankings and increase the number of readers. Writing SEO arti...

As tags and category of your blog appear in the search

10 окт 2019, 10:01

Автор: Лидия, Проект-менеджер

Each tag and category that you add to the blog page automatically creates a page in the filtered results. Links to these filtered pages can appear in search results. To learn about how to optimize sit...

SEO Check-list

09 окт 2019, 14:57

Автор: Татьяна, SEO-специалист

Content you add to your site, and the method of its presentation play a big role in how easily people can find you. Ready to launch your website, review the list below to ensure that it is optimized f...

Confirmation of your site by using Search Console

09 окт 2019, 13:21

Автор: Эльвина, Проект-менеджер

Console Google search (formerly Tools for webmasters Google) is a free service that helps you to manage the presence of your website in Google search results. Through the console of Google search, you...

Adding keywords for SEO articles

07 окт 2019, 16:46

Автор: Эльвина, Проект-менеджер

The words you use on your site are of great importance in how easily people can find you. To get a high ranking in the search results, it is important to include on your website the keywords (text) th...

Increase the visibility of your website for search engines

07 окт 2019, 15:23

Автор: Лидия, Проект-менеджер

This guide shows you how to use the function, SEO-targeting and other tools to improve the accessibility of your site for search engines. Use the search tools to support updates Search engines don't i...

SEO: 6 of the rules of promoting your site

07 окт 2019, 14:33

Автор: Александр, Руководитель компании Frutini

What is SEO and how it affects the promotion of your website? We live in a time when computer algorithms that track our preferences, who we meet and how we plan their time. Despite the fact that we st...

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